Mike Coggins—Original Art




I am a Berkshire based artist and painting is my overriding passion.

I am self taught and have developed my own characteristic  style and use of colour

I specialise in acrylic or oil on canvas and source subject matter from a range of situations including everyday life, extensive travel and imagination.

I also take commissions, so if you like my style but can’t see exactly what you need  amongst the examples here, then please feel free to contact me.                                                                                            

My commissions are based upon approval, so ultimately your satisfaction is key. The only commitment up front is to cover material expense taken as a deposit on the full cost of the work.

My paintings whilst not attempting to be photographic, do try to achieve recognisable depictions of the subject and ambience of the scene. Obviously some works are not based on a specific scene and are creations based on imagination.

Generally I paint subjects I like and success for me is ultimately liking what I have painted. Nothing  pleases me more than  viewers liking what I have created and my work making them feel good.

My works have sold to a wide audience with customers residing in the UK, USA and Europe



The Creative Process

I start most new works by sourcing, stretching, framing and preparation of the canvas. This is an integral part of the project and ensures a consistent working surface.

Generally I  visualise a scene, develop working drawings and take detailed photographs of the subject to act as memory aids for the more complex details of the picture. Obviously this is accomplished onsite.

Final work is completed in the studio using the references  assembled above.

I generally work with box canvasses as I find them more flexible to display. Obviously they can be hung on the wall direct or mounted in a standard or display frame for effect. In some cases I have used canvas board  or flat canvas.

Framing if required, like the painting itself is a very much a personal choice, so  I find that box canvases  finished around the edge, with or without a display float frame give more flexibility of choice for the owner moving forward.

I finish the work with a surface treatment that enhances colour and protects the surface.

07831 313528             Mike Coggins         mike.coggins@btinternet.com