Mike Coggins—Original Art



Hopefully you have enjoyed browsing the artworks I have already created but maybe there wasn’t that one thing that hit the spot. Nothing that made you think “must have.”

Well art being what it is, not every thing floats everyone's boat, so with that in mind, had you considered commissioning a work in a similar style but of a subject nearer to your heart or simply just one of your own choosing.

Interested? Well this is the way it works .

First of all think carefully about the subject or sort of thing you would like.

Taking a few pictures helps to make the subject clear and illustrates the sort of thing you need to capture. Mobile phones are  good enough for this.

I know there's a saying ”size isn’t everything” but in fact in this case it is. If you want something tailor made, its worth ensuring  that the picture or picture with frame is  going to look good or even fit where you intend to hang it. 

Since everything is bespoke, any size (within reason) canvas is possible.

Once the vision is clear in your mind. Email or give me a call and we can discuss what is possible and a budget price.

Rest assured I never take on work not suited to my style which I could not be confident would result in a good job.

If we do decide to go ahead its important to understand that my commissions are based upon approval, so ultimately your satisfaction is key.

The only commitment required up front, is to cover my material expense.

This is taken as a deposit against the full cost of the work.

Once complete, approval means, if you are happy with the work  we complete the transaction and you become the proud owner of the work.

In the unlikely event you are not happy with the finished product, then you can walk away with no further expense.

Kind regards


07831 313528             Mike Coggins         mike.coggins@btinternet.com